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[TRIALS] Leg protection Created: December 27, 2016. Last comment: Associated proposal

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Trials Finals when there are few competitors Created: December 04, 2016. Last comment: Associated proposal

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Recent Passed Proposals:

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Proposal 8: [TRIALS] Score card: Easy 1 point, Medium 3 points, Hard 7 points December 14, 2016 Last revision/comment:

Proposal 13: Number of attemps for Long and Highjump December 27, 2016 Last revision/comment:

Proposal 12: Trials Finals when there are few competitors December 30, 2016 Last revision/comment:

Proposal 24: [Plaform High Jump] Adjusting landing surface area January 22, 2017 Last revision/comment:

Proposal 71: Update Long Jump to Platform dimensions to limit rolling hops January 19, 2017 Last revision/comment:

Recent Failed Proposals:

These proposals have failed when voted on by the committee

Proposal 35: [TRIALS] Leg protection refinement January 15, 2017 Last revision/comment:

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