Make Long jump to platform a static jump competition.

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Now maybe I am crazy. But when whe added long jump to platform I thought the whole idea was that it was going to be a static long jump competition.

The long jump on pallets was fun and all. I would even like to keep that around as an alternative way of doing standard long jump. But I think the whole idea was to add a different type of jump to the jump competitions. 


We could simply require a starting platform maximum length. People could still do pre hops and we would have a fun actually new competition.


The platform long jump as it is is silly and redundant, especially 3 pallets high it is just asking for injury as someone's wheel doesn't make the distance.


 A side hop long jump would make more sense.


Yes, we created that competition to have a trials type long jump, a gap competition really not a long jump on 3 pallets high. We indeed need to make a maximum length available for run up.


Let's also note that long & high jump took about 4 days to finish, they are extremely long events that too many riders enter. We need to find a way to make it shorter or have less competition or limit the number of riders... but that's for another discussion.


sweet action


While I agree that the Idea was to go for a gapping variantion at least I see the 20" unis appear back in this type of longjump and also win it in opposite to the classic longjum where usually race unis / big wheels dominating the last years. So in general it work out as it should.

However, why not doing a Proposal with shorter maximum starting and landing stack or like they do it here in Germany sometimes where they do it also from higher Platform when it becomes wider (like 50 - 100 cm from 3 Pallets, 100 - 130cm from 4 Pallets, 130 - 180 from 5 Pallets ...) The voting will show if the majority agree.


Yes, the idea was to have a gapping comp. I do not like the current iteration -- as Steven said, high-speed long jump on platform is pretty dangerous.

I think both the take-off and landing platforms should be two pallets long.


2 pallets might be short if we want to allow riders to pre hop.


Touch. I am okay with whatever number of pallets as long as it encourages side hopping.


I agree with Olaf that it is nice to have a long jump final where the dominating wheel size is 20" (19") - but then we could just divide classic longjump into two categories: 20" and below / unlimited - kinda like in distance; and 'save' long jump on platform for a different style.

I have been to the Austrian championships in September where the organizers decided to make the long jump event pretty much a static gap competition hopping from one pallet to another, 2 pallets high. It was really fun - we liked it very much! Although I think allowing riders enough space to do a prehop would make it even more interesting.


Hugo, what were the number of pallets that you used for take off and landing at Unicon?



short answer: too many

long answer: tried to find video or photo evidence, but couldn't. Will keep looking for it.


Take off was 10 pallets long x 3 pallets high.
Landing was 5 or 6 pallets long x 3 pallets high.
For a total of 45-48 pallets per jump station.

That's a lot indeed, especially to move the landing area.

There was a contradiction in the 2015 Rulebook between the dimensions and the amount of Euro pallets needed (7.5 - 8.5m vs. 5 pallets), we went with the measurements. If this discussion makes it to a proposal which eventually passes, there's no need to correct it. Otherwise, we should keep that in mind...

I found the competition fun even with run ups, but I agree that this event should be made mostly for static and pre-hops. Having take off and landing platforms of both 2-3m (approximately 3 Euro pallets each) would make sense I think. That would require a total of 18 pallets per jump station.


It sounds to me that the number of pallets suggested in the current rules are good, and the dimensions simply need to be updated to match. That mistake was likely my fault in the previous round of the rulebook committee. To clarify, that is:

Take off 5 pallets long x 3 pallets high.
Landing 3 pallets long x 3 pallets high.
24 pallets required per jump station.

One point that I hadn't thought about before: We should specify which way the EUR pallets would be placed (i.e. the "long way" or the "short way"). I'm not sure which way makes more sense?


Also, a little more info/calculations. If we used 5 EUR pallets (120 x 80cm) for the take of we have a length of 6 m placed the long way or 4 m placed the short way.

Long way
6 meters
3 revs 24"
3.75 revs 20"

Short way
4 meters
2 revs (barely) 24"
2.5 revs 20"


I'm not a trials/jumps rider but it seems to me that 4 meters should be more than enough for even a double-pre hop (Aidan-style). Could someone with more experience chime in about that? I think that using 6 meters allows for three full revs on a 24" which may not be limiting enough if we want to constrain to a more "gap style" long jump.


The width was mentionned as a measurement in the Rulebook, 1 to 1.5m wide, which is perfect for an Euro pallet the "short way". I think it makes sense having the platforms wide, as we already saw in some cases riders manage the gap but fall off to either side. That's fine because that's also part of the discipline, being able to land on a precise spot, but I don't think it should be any smaller.

4 meters still seems a little long in my opinion for the run up, but I'll let some more experienced hoppers comment too.


I guess we should ask how much room someone needs for a prehop and then adjust the length accordingly. 4 meter does seem a little long


Phil, that may be the case but 4 meters really isn't long enough to make rolling hops a useful choice in my opinion, which is really all we're trying to prevent. Maybe someone like Aiden or Max S could give some info on how much space then would need for a big pre hop. 


"4 meters seems like a platform size that would allow even the largest double prehops but might still allow a single pedal roll into a prehop" - Max


"something like 3 meters would I think still allow double prehops but would preclude any advantage from rolling" - Max (again)

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