Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum Member requirements:
Must be 16 years of age before first day of the committee.

Voting Member Qualifications:
Competitor, coach/trainer, or judge/official at least during one of the past three Unicons for the Main Committee.
This is also a suggested qualification for the Subcommittees but is not required.

Discussion Member Qualifications:
Preferred competitor, coach/trainer, or judge/official at a Unicon or a National event. Has experience in the area but may not have been able to attend any International or National events.

Maximum Member requirements*:
Any single country cannot have more than 20% of the voting members and 40% of the discussion members of the Rulebook Main Committee.
Any single country cannot have more than 33% of the voting members and 66% of the discussion members of a Rulebook Subcommittee.
* If a country is over their allotted number, the IUF Rulebook Chair and Subcommittee Chairs can decide which members will be the active voting members.

Discussions and Proposals:
It is suggested that all rule ideas start as discussions unless they are already finished ideas and ready for proposal.

All proposals must have these four parts:
Background (describing the high-level reason for the rule change and how it may impact the convention and/or the competition – this should be a very short description);
Original Rule (for reference);
Proposed Rule (the new idea);
Supporting Text (details of why the rule should be changed)
Proposals will be accepted by the committee chair after they are written to these guidelines.

Discussion Members may not submit proposals.
Any ideas for rule changes should be discussed with the committee members and a voting member may then make an official proposal based on the discussion.
Proposals may be changed once submitted and up until the voting begins. All changes to proposals must have at least 3 days of discussion after the change and before voting begins.

A proposal requires a minimum of 50% of voting members to vote on the proposal (yes, no, or abstain) in order for the proposal to pass.

In the main committee, a proposal passes if it receives 2/3rds or more "agree" votes. 

In a subcommittee, a proposal that passes with 2/3rds majority is sent to the main committee where they can approve the rule, or send it back to the subcommittee to fix (or table).

Where are all of the proposals

If you look at all of the proposals that are visible on the main page, you may find that some proposal numbers are missing. This is because proposals only become visible if:

  • It is approved by the committee chair-person
  • You are a member of the committee that it was proposed to
Thus, don't be concerned if you don't see every proposal number on the main page

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