Platform High Jump Rule (Closed for comments)

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The object is to jump from the ground to a platform, with no pedal or crank grabs. Riders

must remain in control of the unicycle (stay mounted) for 3 seconds after landing.

The rider and unicycle jump up to a landing surface on a platform (see setup for definitions)

and remain on the landing surface for a 3-second count from a judge.


Is there a possibility of altering the rules so that there is an alternative to waiting on top of the pallets for 3 seconds. It's slow for spectators when someone has clearly made a jump and probably annoying for competitors sitting on top waiting before they can get down.

What about an optional rule.


Riders must remain in control of the unicycle after landing on the platform. They may demonstrate this by either staying mounted on the platform for 3 seconds after landing or dropping from the back of the platform to the ground and riding with control over a line marked 1m from platform. 


In spain a female rider twice jumped on to the platform rode across it's distance, then off the back and rode with control on the ground. Yet this is ruled as "not landed" and she was unable to progress. Surely this is silly, if someone can get up and has enough control to get to the end drop off and ride over a line they should be marked as clearing the line. Otherwise are we not disadvanting people who use a rolling technique compared to a sidehop?


But isn't jump over the bar made for this way of jumping?


My point was more about having to stand on top for a long period. There are still plenty of riders who Rolling hop not side hop and take part successfuly.


I gathered the point of staying on top for three seconds was to discount jumps where riders make it to rubber on top but fall back off. I assumed it was to show you were on top and in control not just a touch then fall off. But surely having the option to jump off the other side in control quicker than 3 seconds would make it quicker and more interestng to watch


And people make the mistake of not riding over the line in high jump over bar all the time.


I'm okay with the 3 second rule. 


I also think the 3 seconds are fine and a well balanced time to document that it is realy landed safe. For sure the judge who take care about the 3 seconds has to makle a good job and start counting once a rider is landed and not wait additional seconds. 

I also agree to Emile, I see many many more riders dismount with no need before the pass the line then riders who manage the plattform successfully and can't stay on top then. Even the circle line doesnt help as much as we thought, still people land and dismount before passing it. To wait for a clear signal seems to be more clear for them.


I am in favor of the 3 second rule. It's simple and clear.

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