Courses open for practice before the race

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I don't like this rule as if the course is available to be ridden say 1-6 days before the race, then people should be able to practice it. Not sure why we wouldn't want to encourage all riders to practice the course even if it's only open a few days before the race? What's the idea behind this?


All this was made to stop the problem that local ridfers wasnt allowed to compete as they had the local advantage to know every detail. In reality this problem still exist as the 7 days are often not possible and also it never will compense the local experience you can have.

Beside this its often hard to open the track many days before and also have it marked in a good way. So I agree to Ben that a new rule make sense while I'm not sure that his new proposal cover all the problems in a better way. A discussion should help to figure out the best way to change it.


I agree that the rule is not perfect and could need some more modification. The road committee is also discussing it: but I don't see any real improvement so far. If anybody comes up with a good solution, I would suggest opening a new discussion. Just erasing it is not a good idea in my opinion because it tries to ensure fairness in certain situations.

This proposal here is just to fix its current wording so I would hope it will be accepted.

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