Proposal 73: Preface [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: Hockey
Submitted on 2017-01-12
Status: Passed on January 24, 2017


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14A.1 Definition

Hockey on unicycles is similar to floor hockey. Normal hockey sticks are
used. A tennis ball is used in place of a puck. Players on the court,
including the goalie, must be mounted on their unicycle in order to
participate in the play.


14A.1 Preface

Unicycle hockey is a variant of hockey which is played on unicycles with
a tennis ball. It is usually played in a gym. These rules cannot cover
every situation. Teams have to agree on a specific amount of elbowroom
before playing. The different backgrounds of the players and the
conditions of the location have to be considered. Fairness of everyone
involved is vital.


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