Proposal 52: 14B.7.2 6.5m awarded at the end [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: Hockey
Submitted on 2017-01-02
Status: Passed on January 21, 2017


If a referee blows his whistle during the play time close to a period end, maybe there is no or not enough time to award the prior situation.

For the moment a period/game ends with a sound from the timer/scoreboard and the referee is unable to penalties afterwards.

Allowing a referee to give a 6.5 after the end of the period/game ensures no teams will commit fouls in the last instances of the game to waste the remaining time.



14B.7.2 6.5 M


This paragraph tells us nothing about the time to award a 6.5 m



14B.7.2 6.5 M


After the last sentence of the above paragraph the following sentence should be added:

A 6.5 m awarded at the end of, or after a time period has ended is still executed but play does not continue after an unsuccessful shot.


Please see discussion.


14C.2.4 The Timer "At the end of each period, the Timer stops the game by blowing the whistle."

14B.7 Penalties "In every instance of a violation of the rules the Referee must penalize the offending team,..."


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