Proposal 51: 6B.2 Cyclocross: Unicycles and Categories [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: Muni (including Cyclocross)
Submitted on 2017-01-02
Status: Passed on January 16, 2017


At the CX in Spain it were better to have only one category instead of two, because of the very technical and short circuit. 

The separation of 27,5" from 29" should always be avoided.



6B.2 Unicycles

For Cyclocross, Unlimited is defined as any standard unicycle (see definition in chapter 1D.1) with a rim with a bead seat diameter (BSD) of 622 mm (700c) or larger. Unlimited

also includes a unicycle with a rim smaller than a 622 mm BSD only if it has a functioning gearing system which will yield a virtual wheel size greater than a 622 mm BSD. The

Standard category only includes standard unicycles without gearing and with a rim less than 622 mm BSD. There are no restrictions on crank length. For example, the following

wheel sizes generally fit the above definitions:

- Unlimited: 28/29/36, geared 24/26/28/29/36 inch

- Standard: 24/26/27.5 inch



6B.2 Unicycles and categories

Separating categories depends on the course. If the course is not favoring any type of unicycle, no separate categories should be made. If the course is favoring big wheels and geared unicycles, the recommended categories are:

- Limited: Ungeared unicycles up to and including 29" (BSD 622mm) wheels. No restrictions on cranks and pedals.

- Unlimited: Ungeared unicycles greater than 29" and geared unicycles. No restrictions on cranks and pedals.


The separation of categories should depend on the course.

Similar wheel sizes should not be separated.



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