Committee: Flat & Street
Submitted on 2016-12-30
Status: Set-Aside (Reviewed from December 30, 2016 to January 09, 2017)


Hello, I propose we clarify the chief judge responsibilities.



10C.2 Chief Judge

The Chief Judge is the head flatland official, whose primary job is to make sure therules are followed. The Chief Judge oversees the competition, deals with protests, and answers all rules and judging questions. The Chief Judge is responsible for seeing thatall judges are trained and ready. The Chief Judge is also responsible for the accuracy of all judging point tabulations and calculations. The Chief Judge will remember to consider language barriers, and that riders may be engaged in convention work to slow them down. A rider may not perform before a different set of judges than those that judged the rest of their age group. An interruption of judging can result from material damage, injury or sudden illness ofa competitor, or interference with a competitor by a person or object. If this happens, the Chief Judge determines the amount of time left and whether any damage may be the fault of the competitor. Re-admittance into competition must happen within the regulatory competition time. If a routine is continued and the competitor was not at fault for the interruption, all devaluations coming forth from the interruption will be withdrawn.


10C.2 Chief Judge 

The Chief Judge is the head Flatland official. They are responsible for selecting the judges, overseeing the competition, handling protests, ensuring the event rules are followed, running the judging workshop, answering questions about the rules and judging and tabulating the points after judging is completed.


An interruption of judging can result from material damage, injury of a competitor or interference with a competitors by a person or object. The Chief Judge determines if the rider is at fault. If they are not, re-admittance into competition must happen within the regulated competition time 



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