Proposal 4: Safety Clarification [ Revision 2 ]

Committee: Hockey
Submitted on 2016-11-21
Status: Passed on December 16, 2016


The current safety rules are split into sections 14B.1 and 14B.11 for no
good reason. The general remarks in 14B.1 can be used as an introduction
for 14B.11, and the specific clothing rules in 14B.1 can be added as a
new section to 14B.11.


Delete 14B.1 and move the slightly modified text to 14B.11:


14B.11 Safety

Attention must be drawn to the safety of the players and spectators.
Thus, the safety rules have to be obeyed strictly and all equipment must
be in good condition.

14B.11.x Clothing

All items that protrude from the body that may cause injury (for example
watches, necklaces, earrings) must be removed. In instances where this
is impossible, the items must be covered sufficiently to remove
likelihood of injury. Shoes must be worn and shoe laces must be short or
tucked in. The following optional clothing is suggested: knee pads,
gloves, helmets, safety glasses and dental protection.


For consistency, we also need to adjust "14C.2.5 Before The Game":


"Did all players take off their watches and jewelry that might injure others?"


"Do all players fulfill the safety rules for clothing (14B.11.x)?"


Apart from joining the separate safety sections, the modifications are:

1) Allow covering jewelry when removing is impossible.

2) Distinguish better between mandatory and optional safety suggestions.



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Revision 2 changed by Rolf Sander (04 Dec 14:25)

For consistency, we also need to adjust "14C.2.5 Before The Game"

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