Rule 14B.1 Safety Clarification

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14B.1 Safety

Shoes must be worn.

Clothing suggestions for comfort and safety:

• Cycling shorts and knee pads, or long pants

• Gloves

• Short shoe laces, or laces tucked in

• Helmet and dental protection

 • Definitely no jewelry (watches, necklaces, earrings)


The rules say shoes must be worn and then gives a number of other "suggestions" for comfort and safety. It then says DEFINITELY no jewellery. As these are suggestions it should not say definitely OR the stipulation of no jewellery allowed should go above with "shoes must be worn".

Rule 14C.2.5 says that referees must assemble all players and make sure players take off all jewellery and watches so I assume NO jewellery is allowed and this should be moved above the suggestions section with the shoes must be worn statement to provide clarification.


I agree, 'no jewelry' should be listed after the 'shoes' because it is not a recommendation, however it is a 'must-rule' in order to not endanger other players. 

We could add that it is allowed to cover for example earrings instead of removing? 


Here is a suggestion for a revised safety text based on the comments

from Steven. I removed the cycling shorts and pants because they are

merely suggestions for comfort and not related to safety. I added safety

glasses to the list of optional items. Also, since we already have a

safety section (14B.11), I think the clothing rules should be moved



----- START 


14B.11 Safety


Attention must be drawn to the safety of the players and spectators.

Thus, the safety rules have to be obeyed strictly and all equipment must

be in good condition.


14B.11.x Clothing


Jewelry (watches, necklaces, earrings, etc.) is not allowed. Shoes must

be worn and shoe laces must be short or tucked in. The following

optional clothing is suggested: knee pads, gloves, helmets, safety

glasses and dental protection.


----- END


Regarding the suggestion from Christian to allow covered earrings, this

is something we need to discuss. I tried to find out how other sports

treat this problem. For football, I found the FIFA rules


with the following text on page 70:


"All items of jewellery (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather

bands, rubber bands, etc.) are strictly forbidden and must be removed.

Using tape to cover jewellery is not acceptable."


It is probably easiest to rule by saying all jewelry must be removed as opposed to covered. 


For me it is okay to not allow covering. But think also about the players that have fixed earrings (with a big whole in the ear :-), they cannot remove it...


An other item to think about. During the UNICON all riders have to wear the UNICON festival bracelet/ribbon (partially additional from older events). This may coses the problem a watch. This can be removed but later ...?


I think the UNICON band is not technically "jewelry" it is not there for ornamentation

As it is next to impossible to cause an injury with it and it should not technically count as Jewelry I think it is fine.


I took "bracelet" from Rolf´s comment from the FIFA. The UNICON band may not be a "jewellery" but it is used very often for ornamentation. (Why keeping old UNICON ribbons?) This and other festival bracelet/ribbon are very strong and you will not be able to break it. A watch band is less strongly but a watch runs under the cover of jewellery. Rings are mentioned by FIFA as well.

A further suggestion for text:

"All items not strongly linked to the body (all kinds of jewellery or ornaments) have to be removed from the body and if this is impossible they have to be good covered."



"All items that protrude from the body that may cause injury to another player must be removed from the body. In instances where this is impossible, the items must be covered sufficiently to remove likelihood of injury. If there is disagreement about whether a protruding item is dangerous (heart rate straps, competitor wrist bands) the final decision on whether items may cause injury and must be removed will be made by the tournament director and two referees."



Sounds good to me Steven.



I like the idea to generalize the definition of dangerous items. I would

like to make a few changes though:


- I don't think it is necessary to describe the disagreement case in

  detail. For me, it is clear that the referee has the power to make

  the final decision.


- I think we can still mention typical objects as examples in

  parentheses: (for example watches, necklaces, earrings)


- I suggest to delete the phrase 'to another player' because such

  protruding items should still be illegal even if the players only

  endanger themselves.


Here is my revised suggestion:


"All items that protrude from the body that may cause injury (for

 example watches, necklaces, earrings) must be removed. In

 instances where this is impossible, the items must be covered

 sufficiently to remove likelihood of injury."



Rolf that looks good.


Rolf´s last revised suggestion does fit for new a generic rule.


I agree with Rolf's suggestion


Rolf's looks good


If this proposal will suit,please think that 14C.2.5 Before The Game > "Did all players take off their watches and jewelry that might injure others?" This text should be changed as well.


Good point, Herbert! I think we should put a general statement into
section "14C.2.5 Before The Game":


"Did all players take off their watches and jewelry that might injure others?"


"Do all players fulfill the safety rules for clothing (14B.11.x)?"

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