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The current system of poins for Flatland is

Difficulty /30
Consistency & Flow / 30
Variety / 30
Last trick /9
Total /99

There are a few issues I would like to fix.


Consistency is a mathematical fraction of # of trick landed on # of tricks attempted while flow is pretty much your style and how clean you are (so.. also style). Mixing those two categories together makes no sens to me as consistency purely objective and style is mostly subjective.


We always have a hard time finding competent judges, let alone find enough judges at all. Having judges for many years using this system, I find it pretty hard to give a score on 30 in each category. I've been finding myself giving score on /10 and multiplying by 3 on most occasions, as it is easier mentally to give a score out of 10, rather than 30. I know my feelings are shared among other people of have judged.


Current last trick is worth roughly 9% of the rider score. After years of repeated reminders that it's worth less than 10% of the score and more of a tie breaker. The current last trick is noted on 9 points, giving a score out of 9 points also is a unintuitive way.





Difficulty /10
Consistency /10
Variety / 10
Style / 5
Last trick /5

Total /40

10 point categories
I think having score based on 10 points would simply the judges work as it's more intuitive. For people saying there will be more tie brakes, hold up. While it is pretty rare to see half points given on score out of 30, I believe judges will intuitively give half point when the score is out of 10 points, hence seeing 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 etc.


5 point categories
Style is one of the biggest thing that divides flatland and freestyle. I think it is important to disassociate consistency & style/flow as I mentioned above. Giving subjective point in an objective category was ridiculous to me. Now having a style/flow category being worth about 12% of the total rider's score.

With this in mind, it increases the value of the last trick by roughly 30%, passing from 9% to 12%. This percentage of the total score seems to match more the general idea of what a last trick seem to be valued in the mind of riders.

Last trick
Giving a score up to 9 made it pretty difficult. Having a score out of 5 points simplifies scoring a last trick. The rulebook could even include a guide on how to score a last trick as follow. Keep in mind that partial points are allowed for tricks that were almost landed.


Last trick
0 point: nothing landed / unworthy
1 point: passable trick / almost landed great or insane trick
2 point: okay trick / almost landed very insane trick
3 points: good trick
4 points: great trick
5 points: insane trick 




I believe this system would make judging easier and clearer. Let me know what you think about it.



I think this would be an improvement over the current scoring system. It's more intuitive, and I like the emphasis on style. 


I love it, everything makes sense to me and matches with how I would judge too.

Just as a comparison, here's what all the categories are worth, before and after respectively (if we consider that consistency and flow were judged 50/50 before):

Difficulty: 30% / 22%
Consistency: 15% / 22%
Variety: 30% / 22%
Flow/Style: 15% / 11%
Last trick: 9% / 11%

Anyways, I like it. (Reminds me of how we've always done it at CMQ.)

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