Proposal 74: Make minimum wheel size for slow races optional instead of forbidden [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: Track and Field
Submitted on 2017-01-14
Status: Failed on February 02, 2017


It´s obvious, that many members voted against a minimum wheel size for slow races, because a technical system is expected, that should detect errors independent of the wheel size. 

The current situation after approving the proposal 29 "make use of penalty/micro error system in slow racing optional" is now:

a): The host is allowed to apply a technical system, maybe this system could detect errors independent of the wheel size.

b) : As such a technical system does´t still exist, the host should get the freedom to decide wether to set a minimum wheel size (in order to have a most a fair competition), because no technical system is available or not.


Unfortunately, there are no more time for discussions, please have look at the discussion " wheel size for slow races". All points have been discussed in detail.


Old rule: 2.20.4...................... "there are no crank arm length or wheel size restrictions".................


New rule: 2.20.4....................."The host can decide to set a minimum wheel size ( as indicated on the side of the tire ) of 19". If no such numbers are found on the tire, or if someone has a tire of questionable dimensions, the referee or chief of the event will take the decision. There are no crank arm length restrictions........................



see discussion, " wheel size for slow races"



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Votes on this proposal:

8 out of 14 voting members have voted.

Agree: 1, Disagree: 6, Abstain: 1.

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