Proposal 72: False starts [ Revision 2 ]

Committee: Muni (including Cyclocross)
Submitted on 2017-01-11
Status: Passed on January 21, 2017


So far, no guidelines at all exist for false starts in muni races. The proposed rules, based on those from Road racing, solve this issue. The new sections provide a definition of false starts, introduce the person responsible (Starter) and offer several options how to deal with false starts.


OLD -nothing-


5B.5.5 False Starts
A false start occurs if a rider’s wheel moves forward before the start signal, or if one
or more riders are forced to dismount due to interference from another rider or other

5C.3 Starter
The starter starts races; explains race rules; and calls riders back in the event of false
starts. The starter is in charge of checking riders for correct unicycles and safety equip-

5D.8 False Starts
There are several options on how to deal with false starts:
•Time Penalty:
In case of a false start, the heat is not restarted. If a false start occurs by one or
multiple riders, these riders receive a time penalty (10 seconds is recommended).
•One False Start Allowed Per Rider:
In case of a false start, the heat is restarted. Any rider(s) who caused their personal
first false start may start again. Any rider(s) causing their personal second false
start are disqualified.
•One False Start Allowed Per Heat:
In case of a false start, the heat is restarted. For the first false start of a particular
heat, all riders may start again. Thereafter, any rider(s) causing a false start are

It is highly recommended to use the time penalty method for all different kinds of starts (i.e. mass, heat, and individual starts as described in section 5D.7). If no false start rules are announced prior to the race, this is the default method. In case of a purposeful false start several seconds before the official start, violating rider(s) should be disqualified at the discretion of the Starter.

At Unicons and continental championships, a camera has to be set up by the Muni Officials (section 5C) to record the start of all waves from a suitable angle. The official footage from this camera serves as evidence in case of disputed false start events or other protests after the race.

Restarting heats (options 2 & 3) should be avoided. If a heat has to be restarted for any reason, the Starter will immediately recall the riders, for example
by firing a gun or blowing a whistle or any other clear and pre-defined signal.



See discussion & rulebook (chapter 4 Road racing in particular)



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Made the time penalty the first choice, amount of 10 seconds is now recommended (not "such as 10 secs")

Added sentence about DQ after purposeful false start

Added requirement for official camera

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