Proposal 60: 14A.2 Rider Summary [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: Hockey
Submitted on 2017-01-04
Status: Passed on January 22, 2017


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Replace the current Rider Summary (14A.2) with the following text:


This section is intended as an overview of the rules, but does not
substitute for the actual rules.

- A player may only take part in a game when riding the unicycle. After
  falling off he or she has to mount at the same spot, but if necessary
  move out of the way of play first.

- A player must not rest on the goal or the wall.

- The game is non-contact in order not to endanger others. Only in the
  vicinity of the ball, the opponent's stick may be touched by the own
  stick. However, this contact may not be hard.

- At the beginning and after each goal all players have to go to their
  own half. Then the game starts as soon as a player of the team in
  possession or the ball crosses the center line.

- The player may touch the ball once with the flat hand (but not to
  score a goal directly).

- The upper end of the stick must always be covered with one hand to
  avoid injuries of other players.

- The blade of the stick must always be below the hips of all players in
  the vicinity.

- A player who holds his stick in a way that someone else rides over it
  is committing a foul, regardless of intention.

- A goal is disallowed if the ball was in one's own half when shot and
  wasn't touched by anyone afterwards (long shot).

- The free shot is indirect, i.e. after the shot another player has to
  touch the ball.



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