Proposal 57: Qualification round results for Slow Races should be published [ Revision 2 ]

Committee: Track and Field
Submitted on 2017-01-03
Status: Passed on January 23, 2017


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(does not specify this)


(to be added at the end of 3B.6.4.3)

Results of both the Preliminary and the Final Rounds will be published.


This issue has been discussed in Discussion #76 "Slow races: why no age group ranking? why are qualification round results not published?". I have created a separate proposal about Age Group ranking which is linked to said discussion, since this was the most contentional issue. The present proposal addresses the publication of qualification round results. The reason this is a separate proposal, is that we can separate votes on it, rather than accept or reject them only as a combination.

At Unicons, the new system of Qualification and Final Rounds has only been used once (Unicon18, Spain). I was surprised that the results of the Qualification Round were not published. According to 1C.17, all results should be published, including details such as time and distance. To me this is only logical, because the essence of a competition is that all riders see their results published, not just the riders in the Final. And surely the Preliminary Round is part of the competition?

Just to be sure, I propose that we include a statement to this effect in the rules under Slow Races.

See also Background and Discussion #76 for more information.



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I moved the text under Background to Body, because only the Body seems to be visible to everyone when viewing the proposal. Also, this revision gives three more days to discuss before we vote on it, which is probably welcome since we haven't reached consensus in the discussion (yet?).

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