Proposal 50: 5B.5.5 Passing [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: Muni (including Cyclocross)
Submitted on 2017-01-02
Status: Passed on January 16, 2017


Too precise rule when using naked eye measurement.



5B.5.5 Passing

No physical contact between riders is allowed. Riders must maintain a minimum of one (24”) wheel diameter (618mm as judged by eye) between each other when passing, and at all other times. This is measured from wheel to wheel, so that one rider passing another may come quite close, as long as their wheels remain at least 618mm apart.




5B.5.5 Passing

Riders must keep attention while passing and avoid physical contact as far as possible. Violations of this passing rule may result in disqualification or a time penalty, to be determined and announced before the race start


The actually rule is too elaborated and not workable.



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