Proposal 40: Moving "MUSIC" to Event Organizer rules [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: Flat & Street
Submitted on 2016-12-30
Status: Passed on January 13, 2017


Hello, this is not a rule, nor something that directly applies to the competitors. It is a copy paste section from freestyle, and doesn't belong it flat. I believe it should be moved from "Competitors rules" (10B) to the "Event Organizer" (10D) rules. 



10B.6 Music

In Flatland, a DJ plays music for the competition. Competitors may optionally bring their own music but is not

judged. The DJ has the right to not play the request song. Competitors who bring music must provide it in a form that is supported by the DJ.


10D.1.4 Music

In Flatland, a DJ plays music for the competition. 


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