Proposal 32: Road Race Venue [ Revision 4 ]

Committee: Road
Submitted on 2016-12-23
Status: Failed on January 15, 2017


Riders agree that having paved roads are the best for racing. Bumps and cracks are big problems when racing, and gravel can be especially dangerous on turns. It's hard for hosts to find courses that are 100% pavement so this rule allows for some non-pavement.



4D.1 Venue 

These are races held usually on roadways or bike paths. 


 4D.1 Venue

These are races held on roadways or bike paths. A maximum of 5% of the race may be held on surfaces other than pavement (eg. gravel, cobblestones, etc.). To create the safest race possible, there should preferably be smooth pavement where riders must make tight turns.


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