Proposal 26: XC Course specification [ Revision 6 ]

Committee: Muni (including Cyclocross)
Submitted on 2016-12-15
Status: Passed on February 06, 2017


The shape of the courses in past Unicons and continental championships did not satisfy riders due to short length or amount of walking sections.
Important events did not fulfill to distance recommendations of minimum 10km. (UNICON 17 - 9.5km; UNIOEC - 9.5 km; UNICON 18 - 8.3 km)

In respect to riders wish for more endurance testing race and to prevent shortening racing time below 1 hour, proposed are new recommendations of distance 20km ± 5km and expected completion time 1h30m.

In respect for reducing walking by top riders which occurs on uphill sections, proposed are recommendations to reduce difficulty of uphills related to strength difficulties, NOT technical difficulties.

Due to high advantage of use geared unicycles and their high costs, proposed is proper recommendation for course shape. 

Due to increase of distance and reduce difficulty on uphill sections new recommended score of 24 points Unicycle XC Scale is proposed for Expert category.

To help competitors with selection proper category the naming of categories will be standardized according to distance/difficulty, providing the character of XC race is upheld.

New names: Novice and Intermediate correspond to terminology used in Freestyle.
Recommendations for Novice (past, Beginners) category remain with maximum 15 points Unicycle XC Scale, the recommended distance is set between 3-10km.
Recommendations for Intermediate category fulfill the gap between Novice and Expert

Above recommendations are to be valid for Unicons and Continental Championships.



A Cross Country race should be at least 10 km or longer, depending on available terrain, trails and schedule time. The overall course difficulty must be rated with the Unicycle XC Scale. If multiple laps need to be completed, then the whole distance is the basis for the rating. A minimum score of 20 points is recommended. Courses with scores below 15 points should be labeled “beginner XC” for clarity. If only shorter trails are available, riders can be required to complete two or more laps of the course.



A Cross Country course should be held primarily off-road but may consist of gravel and paved roads. There is freedom for the amount of downhill, flat and uphill sections, as long as the course is not primarily downhill or uphill.

Special recommendations for Unicon and Continental Championships:

There are four main categories based on distance and difficulty. The overall course difficulty must be rated with the Unicycle XC Scale. If multiple laps need to be completed, then the total distance is the basis for the rating.

Main categories:
1. Beginners - distance 3-7km, max 15 points Unicycle XC Scale
2. Intermediate - distance 8-13km, 16-21 points Unicycle XC Scale
3. Elite - distance 15-25 km, minimum 24 points Unicycle XC Scale, suggested to last 1h30min for fastest riders.
4. Marathon - longer than 30 km, suggested to last 3-5 hours for fastest riders.

The elite category with subcategories Male and Female is required to be run. Other categories are run on the host discretion.

The Elite Cross Country course should be designed such that the fastest rider completes the race in about 1 hour 30 minutes, but never less than 1 hour. The course should be chosen such that geared riders do not have an undue advantage. Unrideable sections should be avoided to prevent riders from walking however uphill sections may include technical difficulties. Long and gentle uphills are preferred over short and steep ones. If only shorter trails are available, riders can be required to complete multiple laps of the course.


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Change Log:

Revision 6 changed by Maksym Siegienczuk (27 Jan 11:53)

Change Novice to Beginners,
Change distance for 3-7km in Beginners category, and 8-13 in Intermadiate category.

Revision 5 changed by Scott Wilton (18 Jan 13:26)

Edited by a native speaker. Note: for races, expert is a definition of the best riders in a race regardless of age-group (e.g. 1st place expert) and thus cannot be used for a category, elite is the name of a class/category.

Revision 4 changed by Maksym Siegienczuk (17 Jan 14:15)

Added categories based on distance and difficulty. And requirement that Expert Category must be run. + necessary rewording.

Changed "not less" to "never less" ...than one hour.

Rewording with adding "may" :  "the uphill sections may but should not exclude technical difficulties

Revision 3 changed by Maksym Siegienczuk (14 Jan 16:05)

Replaced "foremost" with "for most".

Revision 2 changed by Maksym Siegienczuk (16 Dec 06:03)

Corrected: "Long and gentle uphills" instead of "gently"

Revision 1 changed by Maksym Siegienczuk (15 Dec 17:53)

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