Proposal 25: Wheel size for slow races [ Revision 2 ]

Committee: Track and Field
Submitted on 2016-12-15
Status: Failed on January 10, 2017


1. In order to reach comparability between riders results a minimum wheel size is required.

Results of track races aren´t comparable too between riders if one rider uses 16" and another 29".


2. The athletic performance of slow races is "to ride as slow as possible". In the past some riders took a smaller and a more smaller wheel, up to a size for 4 or 5 year old children, and so they improved their results by using smaller wheel sizes instead of practice to ride slowly.


3. It´s not really possible to perceive the performance/(micro) errors of riders who use small wheel sizes, because the shoes are covering the wheel. Therefore, it´s very difficult to find judges. Please have a look at the photos: 



Old rule:  2.20.4 ................."there are no crank arm length or wheel size restrictions"...............


New rule: 2.20.4 .................."The minimum wheel size (as indicated on the side of the tire ) is 19". If no such numbers are found on the tire, or if someone has a tire of questionable dimensions, the referee or chief of the event will take the decision. There are no crank arm length restrictions............


V. ................ the board size of 10m x 30 cm can be used for age group 0-10. " Riders of the age group 0 - 10 are allowed to use tires marked 16" or larger."



On the one hand some judges don´t give any penalty to riders of small wheels, because they cannot see anything . On the other hand, other judges give an estimated number of penalties to riders, when they cannot perceive the performance because the wheel is covered.  Therefore, the results are not objective and not comparable.

 It´s the job of the rider to bring a unicycle to perform his run in a judge able way. 

For further information, please have a look at the discussion.



The current rules for slow races are evaluated by riders and judges as very well, but we go on developing them by introducing a minimum wheel size.



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