Proposal 22: New Ball Rule [ Revision 3 ]

Committee: Hockey
Submitted on 2016-12-12
Status: Passed on January 01, 2017


Take out maximum height requirement, put in a minimum height requirement. Word the sentence better to remove confusion.


Old Rule

14D.4 Ball

A “dead” tennis ball that reaches 30 percent to 50 percent of its original height after

bouncing onto concrete is used. Alternatively, a street hockey ball can be used. The

choice is made by the hosting organization if the opposing teams do not agree on which

ball to use. The chosen type of ball must be announced well in advance of the competition,

and must be obtainable in all participating countries.


New Rule

14D.4 Ball

A tennis ball that rebounds off concrete greater than 30 percent of the height from which it was dropped is used.



I think this explains it sufficiently



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Change Log:

Revision 3 changed by Rolf Sander (15 Dec 12:35)

"from" not "of"

Revision 2 changed by Steven Hughes (13 Dec 21:03)

Reworded to include the word "Concrete" in the new rule

Revision 1 changed by Steven Hughes (12 Dec 19:01)

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