Proposal 11: Uphill course specifications [ Revision 3 ]

Committee: Muni (including Cyclocross)
Submitted on 2016-12-01
Status: Passed on December 19, 2016


Right now, section 5D.1.1 about Uphill courses just includes a single sentence:
"Uphill courses must be primarily uphill but may include flat or downhill sections."

This is a very broad definition and it's lacking detail. The XC and DH disciplines have much more refined course specifications (see 5D.1.2 and 5D.1.3).

Racing tracks at IUF events should be designed with the top riders in mind. Therefore, it would be good to give more detailed specifications to ensure a certain level of how challenging the course is.

For example, the Uphill course for last Unicon was both very short and pretty easy technically. Top riders finished in less than a minute, which led to medals being decided by split-seconds. Also, pretty much all expert riders could consistently ride the course without any dismounts.

For big events like Unicons the introduction of separate Uphill competitions for Beginners/Advanced/Experts on different tracks, similar to what we usually have for DH and XC, should be encouraged so that every participant can compete on a worthy and fun track.

This proposal adds requirements to the length or elevation difference in case the terrain is easy to ride. By choosing more challenging terrain, the track does not need to follow those rules. Therefore, these specifications still allow plenty of freedom for the host regarding the selection of the uphill courses.

The course specifications are only a must for Unicons - still, they are recommended for any other kind of Uphill competition.


OLD 5D.1.1 Uphill
Uphill courses must be primarily uphill but may include flat or downhill sections.


NEW 5D.1.1 Uphill
Uphill courses must be primarily uphill but may include flat or downhill sections. At Unicon, if the terrain is technically easy (i.e., smooth to ride, no or only very small rocks and roots), the main course  has to be longer than 500 m or have a height difference greater than 100 m. If the terrain is more difficult, the course may be shorter or have less elevation gain. The event hosts may consider additionally offering Beginner/Advanced categories competing on shorter and easier tracks or on selected parts of the main course. It is recommended that Uphill courses at other types of events or competitions adhere to these rules as well."



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