Introducing one timeout for each team (Closed for comments)

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In Switzerland each team can take one timeout (1 minute) per tournament. I really like this possibility because it gives a team the possibility to reorganize itself. 

What do you think about this idea? We could allow for each team one timeout for round robin and one timeout for final round; or only one timeout for the whole tournament.

(Of course, the timeout can only be taken when the game is interrupted)


This will be difficult in our league to implement as our competitions are always extremely tight for time, English speakers are not nearly as efficient and organised as the German speakers :P

I personally do not like the idea as I don't want the final minutes of play in games to be interrupted by each team taking their time out in a last ditch attempt to win.


I am interested to see what others think of the matter?


Steven, I understand what you mean. Our experience is, that in a tournament only a few timeouts will be taken in total. Not all teams use the timeout. But of course, when you have a tournament with e.g. 10 teams it can extend the time schedule by 10 minutes... 

I am also interested to see what others think.


I'm not sure what to think about this time-out for the teams. I'm not a
big fan of the idea but maybe it is okay to have it.

It reminds me of a related question though: I heard that in Switzerland
the timer is allowed to stop the time when he/she thinks that it makes
sense, for example when the referees start discussing a complicated
situation but forget to show the time-out hand sign. Is this correct? I
like this but according to our current IUF rules, the timer is not
allowed to do this.


Actually, the timer is not allowed to stop the time unless the referee asked him. And in my eyes this is the only correct solution. It is up to the referee to stop the time. The referees in Switzerland are trained to take always a timeout for discussions or two minutes penalty. This is working quite well. However, probably it happened a few times that the timer stopped the time without the referee's instructions.


We should leave the time out only to the referees and not additional to the teams. Christian: "... it gives a team the possibility to reorganize itself.", I can not recognize a need for this. If a team is confused someone of the team (maybe the captain) can easily give 3 commands and the team is reorganized. From my point of few there is no need for a Team time out to any time.


I think it all depends on how a team plays, how we see the sport in general, on which tactical level we play.

other sports do also have a timeout. I think not without any reasons. For me there are also good reasons in unicycle hockey. However, in general I see there is no interest to have a timeout, therefore I close the discussion. It is not the most important point for me to introduce a timeout for the teams :-)

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