14B.3 Rider Identification - Captain (Closed for comments)

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Current rule:
All players of a team must wear shirts of the same color. The color must be clearly different from the opponent’s color. At tournaments and other large events each team should have two different colored sets of shirts. 

Proposal what I would add:
[...] The captain of the team has to carry an clearly visible armband on the left upper arm or must have a printed "C" on the left upper sleeve of his shirt.

There are situations where the referees want to calm down a game or to explain a situation and therefore ask for the captains. If they are recognizable on the field, it is easier and faster for the referees to find them. Additionally, it looks more professionally when a team has a captain.




My opinion is this would be a large hassle to implement but possibly others have an opinion? I cant see it being used in our national league (however the referees all know who is captain of teams at this level)



Not a big fan of this as I don't think it is needed. Before game starts the ref should meet the two captains so he knows who they are making note of their number if they have one. If for some reason he can't remember when he needs a captain it's pretty fast and easy to ask another player that he needs the captain. 


Why do you think it will be a large hassle? If the hockey organizers of a UNICON (or of the national leagues) provide two captain armbands for the teams who do not have an own one, I do not see any difficulties. 

However, maybe there are differences between different countries :-)


I don't think this is necessary or helpful. When I, as a referee, need
to calm down players who were involved in a foul and start arguing, I
talk directly to these players. I think this is more efficient than
indirect communication via a captain.


Okay, it seems that there is no point in maintaining this discussion. I am going to close it now.

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