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As Phil has stated in the other discussion, Unicon is a unicycling convention - not just a competition.

A lot of the convention stuff of urban riders happening at Unicon is highly informal, like street rides. Don't get me wrong: I think those rides are great! However, I think it would also be nice to have more riders committing to explain some tricks in official workshops. 

For new riders, it would be very cool to have someone explaining some basic tricks - or just organizing an "official" 'out-the-fame' workshop. These workshops might attract riders that are not mainly riding flatland or street (yet). Especially for young riders and girls, it can be quite intimidating to go to this group of people who all seem to know each other quite well and ask someone to explain a trick to them if they do not already know them. There is a huge amount of riders who are registered as non-competitors and it would be great to offer them some more options of stuff to do at Unicon.

Maybe it would be enough, to just send an email to all the registered competitors a week before Unicon and ask them if they would volunteer to organize a workshop.  



Nothing to add for me. Other than to point out the obvious, it will probably be hard to find someone to volunteer to organize and give the workshop :P


I also agree that those workshops would be great and welcome but its not easy to find people doing that. However, it could be nice to list a set of most wanted workshops in chapter 1 to give the host an idea what he should looking for / asking for.

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