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This discussion is meant as a place to ask any questions about the reorganized rulebook.

In case you missed it, this is from the welcome email that was just sent out:

Reorganized Rulebook

Over the past year, as decided upon by the IUF Rulebook Committee 2014, Mary and Steve Koehler have reorganized the material in the IUF Rulebook. This reorganized rulebook will be the starting point for all proposals and rule changes. All Rulebook Committee members (that’s you) are required to read the blog post on the IUF website detailing the reorganization process.

The reorganized rulebook can be found here.

All proposals must refer to the section numbers in the reorganized rulebook, and not from IUF Rulebook 2015.


I like the reorganization very much and think that the new version is much better structured. Extracting individual parts (e.g., rules for riders) will result in a very compact volume and hopefully give more motivation to read the rules. Huge thanks to the people involved in this reorganization.

First of all, the blog post mentions notes in the rule book source files regarding possible shortcomings or problems. Any chance to see those?

Some ideas:

1) What about merging 5B.5.5.1 (Passing: Downhill) into 5B.5.5 (Passing)? The paragraph seems to be also valid for XC and Up.

2) 5D.1.3 "Downhill and Cross Country courses must be rated in advance by two people using the appropriate IUF Muni Difficulty Scale (see the IUF publication and online calculator)"
Right now, this is only in the XC section, maybe also include it in the DH section?
"Ratings and their underlying data must be published at least seven days prior to the event."
This could be moved/copied to the Communication section.

3) 5D.2 Officials: Course Marshall
I think there should be a definition similar to Muni Director / Referee.

4) 5D.3 Communication
"Details of all non-track racing events, or other events with unique courses or details must be published as soon as they are known."
I think we can refer to those events as "muni events".


If you'


If you're willing to look into the source code, you can see the notes on github. For muni:

Look for "comment-2016". Some comments are one-line comments ("%comment-2016") while others are blocks of text ("\begin(comment-2016)...\end(comment-2016)"). Not all of these comments are meant for public interpretation and some are just off-hand ideas/comments made by me while editing, so just keep that in mind while reading them.


Thanks for the link! Nice to see that one of the comments already mentioned possible length requirements for Uphill ;)

Then there are some comments about the lack of rules regarding false starts. I guess that would be worth its own discussion as well!

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