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Rule 14D.4 states that "A “dead” tennis ball that reaches 30 percent to 50 percent of its original height after bouncing onto concrete is used.“ But then also says that "Alternatively, a street hockey ball can be used.“

A tennis ball and a street hockey ball are two completely different balls. For safety reasons playing with a street hockey ball makes for me no sense.

As i know in all countries games are played with tennis balls and tennis balls are all over the world obtainable (for the last sentence of rule 14D.4: "The chosen type of ball must be announced well in advance of the competition, and must be obtainable in all participating countries“)

So i suggest games are only played with tennis balls.


This rule has to be clarified to enable the same conditions.


I definitely agree, we should remove the street hockey ball from the rulebook.


I also agree to remove the street hockey ball. However, I would first

like to hear the opinion of Gareth Walkom, who is the only member on

this committee from the UK. The street hockey ball is only in the

current rulebook because it was used in the UK a long time ago. I don't

know if they are still using it.



I agree. 


Same with me.


It was used a long time ago in AUS as well but no longer.


Sorry about my late reply.. I also agree, as I've not known a street hockey ball to be used while playing unicycle hockey in the UK for the past 7 years

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