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This discussion is meant as a place to ask any questions about the reorganized rulebook.

In case you missed it, this is from the welcome email that was just sent out:

Reorganized Rulebook

Over the past year, as decided upon by the IUF Rulebook Committee 2014, Mary and Steve Koehler have reorganized the material in the IUF Rulebook. This reorganized rulebook will be the starting point for all proposals and rule changes. All Rulebook Committee members (that’s you) are required to read the blog post on the IUF website detailing the reorganization process.

The reorganized rulebook can be found here.

All proposals must refer to the section numbers in the reorganized rulebook, and not from IUF Rulebook 2015.


Fabulous idea, and thanks so much for giving this document a look with "fresh eyes" to help it be more clear and useful. It has grown quite a lot since I first got involved with this unicycle rules stuff in 1981.  :-)

I haven't had a chance to read it all in detail yet, but I noticed something when I first checked it out; I believe the "Freestyle" labeling is wrong. I think Gossi would be first to agree with that, even though we have very different opinions of what Freestyle means.

Freestyle is a specific set of events, broken down by Individual, Pair and Group. Those other events are not Freestyle. However, the word "artistic" has been attached to the "trick riding" events going way back, historically. Not sure if that's the best word, but for lack of a better one at the moment, that should be the larger category designation, something like this:

  • Artistic: Freestyle
  • Artistic: Standard Skill
  • Artistic: X-Style

I'm not a fan of Artistic as the word here, especially when referring to Standard Skill, but the above change fixes Freestyle, as the correct label for that set of events.

Anybody got ideas for a better word to replace "Artistic"?


This was something that was actually discussed when the re-org was happening. The word Artistic was used to describe the exact type of riding that is seen with routines to music and with costumes. There's nothing "Artistic" about standard skill or x-style.


You guys do realise that this is the Road subcommittee, right?

Also, John, this argument has been had. If you're really worked up about it, you'll need to submit it to the Freestyle Development Committee that will be getting started soon. But please, don't bring it up again here.


My bad! This discussion was at the bottom of the list, and I wrongly assumed it was a general topic of discussion about the re-org, seen at the bottom of each committee. I later figured out my mistake when I clicked on one of the others and saw it was empty. I hope we can go back to it when the Freestyle (Artistic?) Committee goes live...

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