[FLAT] Scoring when rider falls mid-combo

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The rules currently states "If a rider completes part of a combo and then falls, they are awarded points for everything they did up until the fall."


The point of a combo is that it's a combo... double or nothing. When you link tricks together you gather more points, but if you fall, everything done beforehand doesn't... unless it was like a crazy motherfucking combo then you may give some partial points.


Every game or anything that has "combo" usually if you fail at some point during the combo, it's over you lost everything.


Also, making everything count before a fall in a combo makes no sens because then rider wouldn't even care about finishing a combo. To me this makes absolutely no sens, what do you guys think?



Right. I'm interested in whether or not judges have actually been awarding "partial credit" for these combos that weren't landed anyway.

I think it would be good to specify in the rules that they shouldn't count, like you said. You push the envelope going for a hard combo, you risk losing all the points you've earned up until that point.

Speaking of this, I'm wondering how most judges handle hop on tire or crank idle scenarios in flat comps. To me, as a rider, it REALLY seems like it breaks the combo (like you get a fresh start and all the risk is gone), and I personally tend to think it should be judged accordingly — but I wonder if we would be getting too specific by putting something about that in the rules. Might be worth starting a new discussion about?


Eli regarding the hop on tire, I agree. its the same with push mush though. I don't think it makes sense to make a rule about it, but its extremely hard to not be bias towards someone who has a nice flowy combo versus someone who has the same combo except used push mushes.


I think it is okay to award partial points for tricks that have been landed before the rider falls. It would be unfair to give no points to a rider who shows crazy tricks and then falls at a pretty easy trick at the end. It would significantly dicourage people from trying difficult tricks in a combo. 

However, I also think that the points that are awarded should be significantly less than if the combo is actually landed. I don't know if it's possible to introduce something like a 50% rule or if this makes no sense...

And then there is definitely the problem of how to specify the end of a combo, as Eli and Lars have already pointed out...Does a rider need to get back to normal riding? Or is a "stabilizing" trick already the end of a combo? I think it is important to have this specification also in the rulebook if you start to change the old rule. 




50% to me would be giving waaayyyy to much points.


To me a combo ends when a rider hops. 


If a rider does rolling wrap, back roll step over, 270 unispin, then starts hopping on wheel, and then does 810 down... I would count rolling wrap - backroll step over - 270 unispin as a combo AND THEN 810 down as another trick.


Push mush to me is not as combo breaking as hops on wheel, if used once to transition into another roll is totally fine with me, but if abused before going onto a bigger trick then to me is almost like hopping on wheel.

It also depends on every situation, like if a rider does
Rolling Wrap - Backroll - Rolling Wrap [and then as he starts the rolling wrap he was leaning forward to much and it not in control anymore] - Rolling Wrap [done to regain balance] - 360 unispin 
To me would count less than a rider that does
Rolling Wrap - Backroll - Rolling Wrap - 360 unispin
Even though on paper the first combo has one more roll trick, same applies with push mush.
Varial Roll - Push Mush - 360 unispin is worth definitely less than Varial Roll - 360 unispin.


All in all it's pretty subjective and case specific for what mentioned on this post that I wrote


The original question is should every trick done before someone falls into a combo be awarded and I think the answer to that is a simple black on whit "hell to the no!".

-Emilio potato


Fair enough, that makes sense.

Still agree that no points should be awarded for a combo that wasn't landed. The level of competition is rising. Riders are learning what it takes to compete internationally, and the bottom line is that consistency is key. If we want people to watch these comps and take them seriously, we can't have guys falling all over the place because they do a lame combo and try to rip a 9er at the end because they feel safe knowing they just got credit for all the tricks before it. 

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