Merge 1C.10 Protests with 1C.11 Protests

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The following came forth from Discussion #116 "What supporting evidence for a protest is valid?". It is not a rule change, but just housekeeping. I notice that both 1C.10 and 1C.11 are titled "Protests". 1C.10 is about evidence, 1C.11 is the more general info.

I would like to replace both by a single section "1C.10 Protests". And the sequence of the two 'old' sections should be swapped, IMHO. The information currently under 1C.11 (for which, BTW,  a separate discussion is running w.r.t. deadlines) should come first, with the info currently under 1C.10 as a second paragraph in the same section.

The sections starting from 1C.12 must then be renumbered, obviously.

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