Race Configuration versus Starting Configuration

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Browsing through the rulebook, I think that there is a lot of opportunity for a thorough (native English) editor to clean things up.

By way of example, I just stumbled upon 4D.7 (Race Configuration) and 4D.9 (Starting Configuration).
What is the difference in meaning between the two titles?
And how should I interpret that 4D.7 says that riders CAN be divided by unicycle type such as standard and unlimited, while 4D.9 says that Standard racers should ALWAYS start separately from Unlimited racers? Perhaps it is that they must start separately, but are thereafter allowed to draft off of each other? If that is it, it should be phrased clearer.

I don't think I am the only non-native speaker to get confused - if this has to do with the intricacies of English in the first place.


I will create a proposal to address my example above.

Besides that, I maintain that the rulebook needs a lot of clearing up.

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