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Many of our discussions are related to clarifications, not changes of
the rules. I think that most of the current rules are accurate and
sufficient but (as Steven mentioned somewhere) for some of the rules you
need to know someone in the rulebook committee who can explain them to

I think the rulebook should be concise and general, trying to cover all
situations. I'm not in favor of adding too many detailed descriptions of
specific situations to the official IUF rulebook. This would make it too
large, hard to read, and unnecessarily complicated. Instead, I have
another idea: We could create an "annotated rulebook with examples". In
this document, we list all rules, then explain how they are applied, and
give examples when they should be used. We already have several
documents that can help us to get started:

- "Regelzusätze zum IUF-Reglement" from the Swiss Unicycle Hockey League
  (only in German, I think):

- "Ligamodus" of the German unicycle hockey league (only in German):

- Steven's recent post with the very detailed list in the Free Shot
  Clarification discussion (I still have to read it carefully and

- There is also another list from Steven:

Creating such an annotated rulebook with examples would be a lot of work
but if we decide to continue our discussions after the official end of
the rulebook committee, I think it should be possible.


I would be interested in this



Personally speaking, I like more detailed and precise rulebooks instead of general not very clear rulebooks. But I think it is very difficult to find a detailed wording for all rules. The (mental and physical) differences between the countries are large and there are unicyclists which only play hockey at the UNICON but usually not... 

Such a annotated rulebook can be a solution to help the players understanding the rulebook without having a too complicated rulebook. However, for me it is essential that the rulebook also gives enough guidelines for players and referees. The rulebook should be clear enough without the annotated rulebook. However, it could be used as a helpful additional guideline. 

I agree, we should continue the discussion after the official end of rulebook committee. But it is a lot of work and I am not sure whether the motivation is on the same level as it is now.


This is an interesting discussion.. I'd be interested to see how a detailed rule would compare with an annotated rule.. E.g. how many words are actually replaced. Are we thinking about multiple examples for each rule?


I am interested in ANYTHING that makes it easier to ref, whether it is an annotated rulebook or just making our rules clearer. 

Even if we do not end up with an annotated rulebook any discussions that are had are likely to improve the wording of rules we have in the rule book as we will find ways to write them clearer and with more consistent structure.

Additionally we may have rule discussions that can be completed before "2018 rulebook committee" to waste less time when the committee meets.


I am always happy to discuss anything unicycling so would enjoy continuing as long as there are others who are interested and things to discuss.



I'd also be happy to continue.

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