14B.7.3. Penalty Goal Clarification

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This is an out take from the discussion "14B.7.2 6.5 M Clarification".

We worked out that there is a need to amend the wording from the paragraph "penalty goal" as well.

Here I repeat the last (new) version:

"14B.7.3. Penalty Goal


If the defending team prevents a goal from being scored through an illegal play of the ball and if, in the opinion of the Referee, the ball was travelling directly toward the goal and would definitely have entered the goal without being touched by another player, a penalty goal may be awarded. [...]"


The body is by deleting the words "of the ball" an illegal play can include an illegal movement of the goal with mention this matter explicitly.



I agree, we should change this wording


I agree. After deleting the three words "of the ball", the referee can
also award a Penalty Goal for moving the goal.


We probably all agree that there are cases where moving the goal should
result in a 6.5 m or even a penalty goal. The current rules, however,
allow only a free shot:

"14B.8.8 Moving The Goal: If a player moves the goal, the game is
interrupted and the opposing team gets a free shot."

To give the referee all options from 14B.7 (advantage, free shot, 6.5 m,
penalty goal), I would like to change 14B.8.8 to something simple like

"14B.8.8 Moving The Goal: The players are not allowed to move the goal."

This could probably be added to the current proposal here.


So as not to open another new discussion and proposal I will try to add Rolf's suggestion in this proposal.


Thanks, Herbert. This looks good now.

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