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Section 4B.5.2 says: "Riders start mounted, holding onto a starting post or other support" while nothing about this is mentioned in the sections for organizers.


You are onto a general problem with the separate chapters for Competitor and Judges and Officials.

I just posted about this in the Reorganised Rulebook discussion within the Main Committee.


As the rule book has a lot of holes it is better fill them by each chapter. This problem belongs to road committee and better it is solved from here.

Does any have suggestions how the rule shall look like?


It's not just road racing, the same "problem" (if it is a problem) is in Track Racing: starting posts are mentioned in the Competitor section, but not for organisers.

But then again, there are lots of such things mentioned in one subchapter but not the other. Just an example I noticed while looking if the "starting post" issue also occurred in Muni: the requirement to open the course for practice is mentioned in the organisers section but not in the competitor section. But shouldn't the competitors know that they are entitled to course information?

If such discrepancies are a problem, I think we need a much more solid overhaul of the Rulebook than has been done already. This is a Rulebook-wide issue, not restricted to any single subcommittee.

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