5D.4 Age Groups (Closed for comments)

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Sorry Ben, that I open this discussion, but I think as it is a rule of the part "Muni" we can discuss about it.

"5D.4 Age Groups: Age groups must be offered as male and female age group. There must not be any age group specific restrictions on equipment. The following age groups are the maximum allowable for muni competitions:

Under 15 Youth

15-16 Juniors

17-18 Rookies

19-29 Elites

30-49 Masters

50+ Veterans


there are so many young children in XC and DH Beginner. Please check UNICON18 XC Beginner competitor list wave 11 and wave 12. what do you think about adding age groups

- 0-10 

- 11-13

- 14-15 


Paul, the IUF has another committee going solely devoted to developing age groups. This includes age groups for muni. So this is not the place for this discussion. 


Ah.. So is that committee still active. How could I make this input there?


Shall we therefore delete this rule-point from the part Muni?


You should contact Scott about the age group committee. He's in charge of it. 


So yes, please close this discussion. Thanks. 

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